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New server transfer in process

UPDATE: Most sites have been transferred to the new server. Some databases did not copy correctly so if your site still has a database error then contact us and we will fix it.

Also, if your coppermine gallery has weird “warnings/errors” above your theme then you need to update Coppermine photo gallery to the newest version. If you need help with that then please contact us.


Free Fansite Hosting is growing again! We recently installed a new server and we will begin migration of accounts immediately. Your fansite will experience ZERO downtime as long as your scripts are compatible with the newest version of PHP. The new server may be missing some dependencies for more advanced scripts so if your fansite breaks during the move then please contact us and we will help fix it.

To make sure you connect to the correct server when using FTP you should use your domain as the host.


Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler fansite opens at

Be one of the first visitors to the newest and best source online for Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. You probably recognize Maddie and Mackenzie from Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” and Maddie from Sia’s Triologie, “Chandelier”, “Elastic Heart” and “Big Girls Cry”. You can visit their fansite at!



Ava Kolker’s Official Website joins Free Fansite Hosting!

Ava Kolker stars on Disney’s show “Girl Meets World” in which she plays a character specifically made for her, Ava Morganstern. Other television roles include, Dads and Sam & Cat.

Ava’s movie roles include: Golden Winter, Scary Movie 5, The Trials of Cate McCall, Miss Meadows and two shorts: Lizard King and I Can See You. She is currently working on Villisca, a movie which she plays the role of Ingrid.

Be sure to visit her official website at!

Ava Kolker


Attention Raffey Cassidy fans, new domains up for adoption!

Raffey Cassidy’s largest movie role (so far) as Athena in Disney’s “Tomorrowland” recently premiered in theaters. The talented admin Jamie has been maintaining her only fansite online for years. We hope to change that so we got every main domain for Raffey Cassidy! Be the next fan to create a fansite for this talented young actress. Just contact us to adopt one of these many premium domains!


Make CASH Building Fansites!

Attention admins, we are now offering cash rewards for anyone that builds a fansite for specific celebrities. Up to $20 per fansite you build! We expect a design for WordPress & Coppermine along with a decent start on the photo gallery. The better you perform the more you will earn. You will earn at least $5 minimum and up to $20 if your design and fansite building skills are excellent!

We are accepting admins/designers on a first come basis, we will only accept so many applicants. For more details contact us!


Upcoming Disney Movie Star domains for Ruby Barnhill up for adoption!

ruby-barnhillNot much is known about this upcoming Disney Motion Picture Movie Star except that she played as Isobel on the BBC television series 4 O’Clock Club. But she has been cast as the main star Sophie in The BFG which is directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the popular children’s book of the same name. The movie isn’t scheduled to come out until 2016 but you can be the first to create a fansite about this up and coming actress as none exist online! We secured every main domain not yet registered for fans to create fansites on!